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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G531F firmware flash file v5.1.1

Download official Samsung galaxy grand prime SM-G531F firmware on your PC drive. Usually, the Samsung SM-G531F firmware is in a .zip file package. Thus you need a software like WinRar, B1 Free Archiver, WinZip etc. to extract the SM-G531F firmware file.  It is legally launched by the Samsung Electronics to help in recovering the Samsung device when it got boot-loop, software error, up-date malfunction, standing together with a useless problem. It does not void the warranty of Samsung SM-G531F. So, don’t worry about the warranty.


Spain (Movistar): XEC-G531FXXU1AQF1-20170712093318-5.1.1

Luxembourg: LUX-G531FXXU1APG3-20160927110302-5.1.1

France (Bouygues): BOG-G531FXXU1APG2-20160927180556-5.1.1

Netherlands: PHN-G531FXXU1APG2-20160927180619-5.1.1

Open Austria: ATO-G531FXXU1APG2-20160923141553-5.1.1

Bulgaria: BGL-G531FXXU1APG2-20160712022339-5.1.1

Italy (H3G): HUI-G531FXXU1APG2-20160921134221-5.1.1

France (Orange): FTM-G531FXXU1APG2-20160921134401-5.1.1

Spain: AMO-G531FXXU1APG2-20160921133925-5.1.1

Poland (Orange): IDE-G531FXXU1APG2-20160921134142-5.1.1

Baltic: SEB-G531FXXU1APG2-20160923162150-5.1.1

Russia: SM-G531F_1_20160507145353_A8D8C48MHC_FAC-5.1.1

Russia: SM-G531F_1_20160507145353_A8D8C48MHC_FAC-5.1.1

Poland (Play): PRT-G531FXXU1APC2-20160428102242-5.1.1

Open Austria: ATO-G531FXXU1APC2-20160428102240-5.1.1

Italy (H3G): HUI-G531FXXU1APC2-20160502143010-5.1.1

Portugal: TPH-G531FXXU1APC2-20160502120710-5.1.1

Bosnia and Herzegovina: TEB-G531FXXU1APC2-20160502145437-5.1.1

Italy: TIM-G531FXXU1APC2-20160420174412-5.1.1

Netherlands: PHN-G531FXXU1APC2-20160419134326-5.1.1

Hungary (T-mobile): TMH-G531FXXU1APC2-20160420174409-5.1.1

Spain: PHE-G531FXXU1APC2-20160419134156-5.1.1

Poland: XEO-G531FXXU1APC2-20160321181647-5.1.1

Spain (Movistar): XEC-G531FXXU1APC2-20160427105203-5.1.1

Romania: ROM-G531FXXU1APC2-20160426164400-5.1.1

Solvenia: SIO-G531FXXU1APC2-20160426164420-5.1.1

Portugal: MEO-G531FXXU1APC2-20160503132745-5.1.1

Czech Republic: ETL-G531FXXU1APC2-20160426164350-5.1.1

Bosnia and Herzegovina: ERO-G531FXXU1APC2-20160426164340-5.1.1

Macedonia: VIM-G531FXXU1APC2-20160426164410-5.1.1

Slovenia (Si.mobil): SIM-G531FXXU1APC2-20160502143043-5.1.1

France: SFR-G531FXXU1APC2-20160309055222-5.1.1

Ireland (Three): 3IE-G531FXXU1APC2-20160527212132-5.1.1

Romania (Cosmote): COA-G531FXXU1APC2-20160527141126-5.1.1

Portugal (Vodafone): TCL-G531FXXU1APC2-20160520102342-5.1.1

France: XEF-G531FXXU1APC2-20160520102514-5.1.1

France: VGF-G531FXXU1APC2-20160527212303-5.1.1

India: INS-G531FDDU1APB2-20160321185129-5.1.1

India: INS-G531FDDU1APB2-20160307114203-5.1.1

Ireland (Three): 3IE-G531FXXU1APA1-20160115034324-5.1.1

Poland: UPDATE1/XEO-G531FXXU1APA1-20160129110531-5.1.1

Bosnia and Herzegovina: UPDATE1/TEB-G531FXXU1APA1-20160205142139-5.1.1

Kenya: AFR-G531FXXU1APA1-20160115034324-5.1.1

Saudi Arabia: KSA-G531FXXU1APA1-20160216155540-5.1.1

Spain: UPDATE1/PHE-G531FXXU1APA1-20160204112606-5.1.1

Morocco: MWD-G531FXXU1APA1-20160115034324-5.1.1

Spain: AMO-G531FXXU1APA1-20160302110427-5.1.1

Netherlands: PHN-G531FXXU1APA1-20160115034324-5.1.1

Czech Republic: ETL-G531FXXU1APA1-20160201145050-5.1.1

France: VGF-G531FXXU1APA1-20160115034324-5.1.1

Czech Republic: O2C-G531FXXU1APA1-20160201145237-5.1.1

Bulgaria: UPDATE1/BGL-G531FXXU1APA1-20160129110358-5.1.1

Russia: SER-G531FXXU1APA1-20160220105208-5.1.1

Poland (Orange): IDE-G531FXXU1APA1-20160115034324-5.1.1

Turkey: TUR-G531FXXU1APA1-20160115034324-5.1.1

Italy (H3G): HUI-G531FXXU1APA1-20160225120208-5.1.1

Spain (Movistar): XEC-G531FXXU1APA1-20160212094809-5.1.1

Tunisia: TUN-G531FXXU1APA1-20160115034324-5.1.1

France: XEF-G531FXXU1APA1-20160212154330-5.1.1

France (Orange): FTM-G531FXXU1APA1-20160226192559-5.1.1

Greece (Cosmote): COS-G531FXXU1APA1-20160224193508-5.1.1

Note: if firmware for your country is not available you can install any firmware from the given list. Except those which comes with their carrier name. Also read how to install Samsung firmware.

How to flash Samsung Stock Firmware via Odin

Before flashing Samsung firmware:

➨ Battery must be charged more than 30%.
➨ Install Samsung USB Drivers on Windows PC.

[1] Boot your Samsung device into “Download Mode“:

  • Switch off your Samsung Device.
  • Press ” Volume Down + Home + Power ” buttons together, hold for 5-8 seconds, a Warning message will appear on the device screen.
  • Press Volume-Up to accept the Warning Message and device will start in Download Mode.

[2] Download and extract the firmware file and get the flashable .tar.md5 file.

[3] Next, download and Run the Odin.exe (Samsung Flashing Tool) on PC and Connect the device via USB cable to the PC. The Odin detects the Samsung device and shows an “ID:0/***> Added!!” text in the message box.

[4] Click on AP button, then pick the .tar.md5 file from the extracted folder as in step [2].

[5] Click on the  Start button ” at the Odin window and wait till ends the process. You’ll see a “PASS!” text message in green Colour. 

[6] Finally, the Samsung device will automatically reboot after full Odin process. Now disconnect it from PC and wait about 10 minutes to boot.

Fix Bootloop on Samsung Devices

Occasionally, after flashing Samsung stock rom, it might do not boot. If the Samsung device stuck on boot animation for more than 10 minutes then follow these instructions:

  • Run Recovery Mode by pressing and holding the Volume Up+Home+Power buttons together.
  • In Recovery Mode use the Volume keys to navigate between options and Power key to choose an option.
  • Now, perform Wipe Data/Factory Reset and Wipe Cache Partition task then tap Reboot option.
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