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How to update QTab V11 Allwinner A33

How to update QTab V11 Allwinner A33

QTab V11 Allwinner A33 Official Rom | firmware


Android version 4.4.2 KiT-KAT

New Allwinner Technology

Software upgrade steps:
1 Open Phoenixsuit upgrade tool, click on the “one-button brush” in the “Browse” Import upgrade software;
2 must ensure that the machine shut down
3 Long press the volume key, you can not let go; access PC’s USB —- Note that the machine can not be displayed at this time there is a charge sign
4. Then quickly press the power button for more than 3 times — later upgrade tool shown in , then you can let go with both hands
5 After a few seconds the display shown in , point “YES” to upgrade,
6 “upgrade was successful”,


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